Branding Gallery

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So Much Branding. So Little Time.

Branding is an integral part of making a mark on the environment. This includes everything from a great logo and color palettes to creating a system for how icons are used and how to treat photography.

Jani Westcott: Planner is a strategy consultancy that takes your business to new heights. The logo is meant to be paired with other brands since her work is done solely in collaboration with other companies and a vibrant color palette brings life to her branded materials.

Type&Trek is an Instagram journal of typographic ephemera captured while journeying through various cities and countries. The logotype is bold and speaks to a sense of adventure through the use of color and texture.

Ceed Academy is a tutoring company started by two NYU graduates. The logo visualizes a seed breaking open—showing the potential of something new coming to life—while also spelling “ceed” (to reflect their motto of “Proceed. Succeed. Exceed.”).

Rowshan Sweets is a small business started by a very talented foodie who specializes in making Bengali-style desserts. The logo is inspired by the way various Bengali sweets are decorated.

Storytime with Sak and Rak is a storytelling venture that is partly improvisational. The logo reflects the feeling of fun and collaborative work that it takes to tell these stories. The stories are published on a website that maintains the integrity of the brand.

Purple Roots Studio is a small production company specializing in the wedding industry. The logo is simple, clean, and fun—reflecting the look and feel of the videos they produce.

Jane Scudder is a leadership coach who helps people take their careers to the next level. Her branding and assets reflect her preference for clean and contemporary design.

Allan and Kotarski is a New York-based sports podcast that focuses on baseball, basketball, and football.