Handbound Books

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Handbound Books

Handbound books are the best way to combine a passion for books, design, and handcrafts.

Anansi Stories and The Adinkra Dictionary were designed as ways to bring Ghanaian philosophy to children of color in the United States. Adinkra is the visual language of Akan people, who reside primarily in Ghana, and represents Akan philosophy. Anansi Stories also integrates Akan philosophy as the collection of stories are children’s moral tales from Akan communities. This set of two hand-bound books can be used to introduce children of color to non-Eurocentric philosophies.

a story of women. PERIOD is an accordion style book that documents the menstrual cycles of five different women. The book not only documents the days of the cycle but also pain level, strength of flow, and personal anecdotes.

Viaggio (which means "travel" in Italian) is bound in the Japanese stab-stitch style. It documents a short trip through Italy. The small map at the top shows the region of Italy the photo was taken in and the words are meant to convey a sense of nostalgia—of experiences that have passed quickly and are remembered fondly.